Geology Trips

... A motley collection of pages describing trips with interesting geology to be explored.

Areas Covered:

  San Francisco Bay Area (under development; currently mostly links to other sites).
[Southern California] Geology Trips in Southern California
[The San Andreas Fault] Exploring the San Andreas Fault
[Red Rock Canyon] My class project mapping the Geology of Red Rock Canyon in east-central California.
[Fossil Falls] Fossil Falls, off highway 395 east of the Sierras.
[Upheaval Dome] Upheaval Dome, a fabulous meteor crater in Utah's Canyonlands. I have a newer collection of photos from the top, and another set from a hike into the center of the crater (on my honeymoon).
[Other Southwest Trips] I have many other collections of photos of interesting geologic sites in the desert southwest -- some with geologic commentary, some without -- on my Trip Photography page. (Pictured at left: Goblin Valley.)

Motivation for this page

There is an amazing dearth of information on this sort of thing (e.g. guidebooks for the hiker to help understand the rocks) and of clubs and classes to help people learn more about local geology. I'd like to help fill that gap, the only problem being that I'm just learning myself, and so the best I can do about much of this stuff is speculate.

When I was learning to observe the moon and was frustrated at the lack of good guidebooks, I started the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Moon and solicited contributions from lunar observers all over; many of us on the shallow sky mailing list effectively taught each other how to become better lunar observers. Perhaps the web can help an amateur geologist learn, as well.

Do you have any interest in forming a geology club or mailing list, or helping contribute to this page? Do you know of any good links on learning field geology? Let me know -- mail me!

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