Palm Pilot Links

I just got forcibly dragged into the 21st century when I won a Palm Pilot at work. This is a little page where I'm collecting useful links.

I've written a separate page describing how to get started developing for PalmOS on Linux.

Using a Palm with Linux


Software download sites:

Ebook sites

Online books in text or html format

Conversion programs from text or html to palm formats

My husband collected this list of FreeBSD programs to convert between Palm and other formats; many of them also work on Linux or OS X or other operating systems:

Psion/Mako Information

If you don't like Palm, why not try a Sonicblue Diamond Mako? These are available for $100 (less than a Palm) if you shop around, have a qwerty keyboard (small, but much bigger than the thumbswitches on a Zaurus or Blackberry), and are very well made (nice "feel"). But the best part is that they just about run Linux now -- see my
Mako page for more information.
Palm development on Linux My Linux links page
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