Hitchhiker's Guide to Rukl Chart 15

[Atlas at sunrise]
Atlas (...Akkana)
Atlas has radial structures on its outer wall, which become obvious at sunrise.
There is also an ALPO Selected Areas Program page on Atlas.
Atlas (JRF <freeman _at_ netcom.com>)
Crater Atlas, and its companion Hercules to the west, are "landmark" features, easily recognized and useful for orientation.
Rilles (JRF <freeman _at_ netcom.com>)
A rille system begins west of Hall, passes east of George Bond, and extends onto Rukl chart 25, where it ends near Romer.
Rima G. Bond and Rima Romer (David North <d _at_ timocharis.com>)
A sinuous rill could be traced from east of Poseidon for what seemed to be over 200 kilometers with lots of twists and turns through rough terrain; this appears to be rima G. Bond and rima Romer. The light -- or something -- made them seem to be one long scratch in the lunar surface.

Moon-Lite Atlas for chart 15

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