Dave and Akkana's Volcano Trip, August 2000

These photos were all taken with an Olympus C2020 digital camera at 1024x768 resolution (to save space), then reduced by half for uploading to the web. I've done minimal processing on them except for the obsidian field shots, which were mostly too dark and had to be brightened.

Saturday: Sutter Buttes, Table Mountain and Bumpass Hell

The trip through California's Central Valley is normally just a trial to be endured: hot, flat, and boring. But it does have one interesting feature: the Sutter Buttes, a knob of small volcanoes protruding out of the middle of the flatness of the valley between Colusa and Yuba City, miles from any other relief. We drove past them, but didn't find a good spot to take a picture.

[ Table Mountain ] Heading north on 99, I noticed that the roadside geology book said we were going to pass quite close to the famous Table Mountain, a place where lava followed a meandering river bed, and subsequent erosion cleared out the former surroundings but left the harder lava as a dark, winding flat-topped table where the river used to flow. I'd wanted to see this for quite some time!

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