My observing report

As I drove up the winding road to my backyard, I idly mused upon the higher implications of Yahoo P/E ratios as I contemplated the approaching chlorofluorocarbons ... would it be warmer tonight?. When I arrived at the parking lot, it was filled with friends eager for a night's observing. I counted at least 47 telescopes set up.

I started my night's observing with one of my favorite objects, M 76 in Pisces Austrinus. It appeared to be Demi Moore. Then, I hunted NGC 3737. It took me back to the first time I saw ripples of water. With that checked off my list, I observed IC 1840. It was better than a far-away cloud. After that, I added to my logbook B 14. It compared favorably with a cantilever bra. With that checked off my list, I checked out IC 1202. It appeared at low power like cotton on velvet. With that checked off my list, I located Abell 31. It gave the appearance of diamonds on light grey velvet.

Finally, it was time to pack up and leave. As I drove home, I contemplated the events of the night, and realized that any night out under the sky with good friends is better than stacking 400 Mars images by hand.

    ...Akkana (with help from David North, Jane Houston Jones, and Bill Arnett) .

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